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Copywriters: Write Your Best for Recurring Income Streams!

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How This Works:

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Join using the Submission Form.

When you subscribe, let us know your name, your email and make some notes about the industries/topics you know best.

After joining, make sure to hit the confirmation in your email (look for an email from: T2H Support) so you get access to submit your stuff!

We'll show you how to submit your content, access transparency/recorded calls, and how to track your recurring income streams.

Feel free to write about whatever you wish. But this list is for paying industries - see if you are quite familiar with any of these. (We have lead deals for them now!)

Rules for Contents You Submit:

1) Websites are made up of multiple pages of related information, so be sure to submit the equivalent of a 'basic full picture.'

2) There should be circa 1000 - 3000 words/page for most pages, although some can certainly be smaller. Basically, put in 'enough words' for that page.

3) All contents you submit must be UNIQUE. (For example, it will pass a Copyscape check.

4) Your writing should be INTERESTING. Google wants people to 'linger' on most pages, so feel free to write short sentences with catchy break phrases.

5) Use large font for main headers, and smaller font for sub-headers, and make page breaks clear (so we know when one page ends and another starts).

6) Each page NEEDS to start with a MAIN HEADER. (Our websites will have images and header/footer/sidebar items. But pages should start with an 'H1 tag.')

7) Please make sure the pages you put into your Word doc are in the order you want them to appear in the Menu. (No need to write a 'Contact Us' page; that's usually last in the Menu and it's generic content.)

8) Colloquial language beats regimented/regulated/grammatically-perfect sentences.   :)

9) Websites that we assign your writing to will only use YOUR writing.   :)

10) Optional: Your Bio (name, picture, short description and up to 3 links to your normal websites/places of business) added to each site that uses your content.   :)

There are no charges for Copywriters - but we recommend that you add new material weekly or so, so we can expand your websites to create more rank, traffic, and sales!

No other charges. No hidden charges. No long-term commitments. No contracts. You can stop producing additional contents anytime.

You Control How Much Time and Effort You Put Into This!

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