Legacy UAP Panel - V14

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SSL & Wildcard SSL Certificate (for securing all pages with https://) is included free.

This Version 14 of our leadership product: the Legacy UAP Panel lets you create any kind of websites using Full Width Banner, with Looping Video and/or Banner Blocks. It lets you Export Projects to your own clients. The [Universal Affiliate Pages] content works for your choices of industry -- so you do not need to create content! Just sprinkle in some keywords, locations (optional) and a destination URL, and let the system produce all the pages you wish. No limits on page generation, theme changes, industry choices, or exported projects! THIS is the Panel our biggest clients have used to develop various websites that make as much as $250,000/month... but modernized, and with the MOWG UAP integrated into it! And it is fully remote-control: we can update the software for you remotely, and you or we can update the contents, images, sidebars, videos, image galleries remotely as well to keep your websites fresh and ranking. These websites are certified for HTML Validation & Maximized Page Speed. That means they are already RANK-READY... so your work to prepare your websites to rank is complete. All you need to do is sprinkle in some keywords! No need to pay for monthly SEO, so this deal is better than any you can find, especially since it is not just a Website with an Admin Panel, but it is also an automatic Website CREATOR as well! All the training you need to use this Legacy UAP Panel is found on the VIDEOS page in the Menu above. Just watch that, so you know how to create thousands of pages to promote everything you want... starting TODAY!

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